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Learn what some of the smartest U.S. transportation professionals already know.

SMC³ helps thousands of North American shipper, carrier, freight forwarder and logistics service provider customers manage their most pressing transportation problems.

Worldwide Express Uses RateWare XL: As a trusted freight partner to more than 55 carriers, Worldwide Express ensures partner, franchisee and customer success by providing customers with a portfolio of robust LTL products that includes RateWare XL and other SMC³ products. Read about their one-stop solution.
eShipping Uses RateWare XL: Find out how this transportation management service provider has grown their less than truckload (LTL) segment to over one half of their total freight transactions and volume since 2007. Providing accurate, timely multi-modal data through their transportation management system (TMS) is a large part of their success.
UNYSON Uses Bid$ense: Learn how this third-party logistics provider (3PL) met their challenge—conforming to less-than-truckload (LTL) purchasing best practices for best business outcomes and moving from "blind" to customized bidding and an optimal carrier network to achieve a strategic, open-minded LTL approach and help grow their business.
LPS Uses RateWare: Explore how LPS took stock of its operational inefficiencies, using systematic process improvement through collaborative relationships to enjoy operational efficiencies that brought supply chain predictability and cost containment.
LPS Uses Bid$ense: Read how LPS met their challenge—optimizing freight and logistics approaches within a complex supply chain—by taking a strategic approach to optimizing LTL and meeting their efficiency and cost reduction goals.
USTC Live Logistics Uses Bid$ense: Learn how this 3PL charted the course for clients' success with strategic LTL bids, guaranteeing best-practices bids with customized transportation management and adding value through a creative approach.
MeadWestvaco Uses Bid$ense: Learn how this provider of high-value packaging solutions helped relieve the pain of a large LTL bid and met and exceeded their transportation bid goals with a faster, more strategic approach to optimizing carrier selection.