Access timely freight classification content.

Whether you are a carrier participating in National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) or a shipper who simply wants speedy freight classification information, a FastClass license provides reliable NMFC content, under agreement with the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, to accurately classify your shipments.

  1. Powerful Web-enabled FastClass Online enables quick, easy look-ups of NMFC commodity classes. Updated simultaneously with each NMFC supplement, FastClass Online ensures up-to-the-minute content each time you log in. Experience sophisticated search capabilities and a color-coded system guide to bolster your freight classification. A density calculator enhances and simplifies your process.

  2. Windows-based FastClass provides user-friendly features, search options, and easy supplement tracking, like enhanced export functions; a color-coded system guide; a library component; and quick views of new and modified articles, rules and packages and cancelled items. FastClass provides hyperlinks to new and modified items; an index with item search function; a simple density calculator; and a SCAC-code-based carrier search. Previous supplements—maintained as a historical list of changed items—let you access historical classification content from January 1, 1997 onwards, to see classifications on specific dates and determine which class was charged on a particular shipment.

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"We use FastClass in LTL procurement. The up-to-date information allows our teams to properly classify our customers' products in a timely manner."

— Eddie Jimenez, Senior Purchasing Manager, Schneider Logistics, Inc.