Solve your toughest freight pricing and planning challenges.

SMC³ products and services—including our new XL products, delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS)—provide you with the base rates, content, and expert bidding and planning tools to make your best business choices, save money, manage transportation risk, and standardize your business processes and supply chain.

  • Base Rates: Learn how industry-standard benchmark base rates promote clear-cut, successful negotiations and price planning between shippers, logistics service providers (LSPs) and carriers.

  • Batch Rating: Explore how LSPs and shippers achieve exceptionally rapid freight bill batch rating or re-rating with SaaS-delivered functionality—to reduce their transportation costs.

  • Carrier Rates: Find out how carrier-specific rates, data libraries and custom content from industry-leading carriers cater to specific transportation rating needs.

  • Carrier Rating Systems: Learn how carriers can provide their customers with quick rate quote power and multiple features—ranging from automatic surcharges, rate adjustments and rate block features to shipment status and less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) charges to accessorials.

  • Carrier RFP/Bid Tool: Learn how a carrier request-for-pricing (RFP) bid tool lets LTL buyers bypass traditional carrier bid processes that can create costly mistakes and lose-lose relationships. The end-to-end LTL procurement process combines detailed pricing scenarios with powerful tools for carrier response analysis to facilitate and manage a collaborative bid process between shippers, LSPs and carriers.

  • Carrier Transit Times: Explore how shippers and LSPs get near real-time, comprehensive carrier points of service and transit time information, to develop better carrier partnerships, save money, maintain operational efficiency and optimize transportation planning.

  • Freight Classification: Learn how guidelines and content from the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) system are an essential part of successful LTL shipments—providing critical information and easy searching for effective LTL classification.

  • Rates Management: Learn how successful transportation pricing employs different rate structures for analysis and planning and how the optimal rating process includes carrier-specific pricing, calculation of discounts, minimum charges, deficit rating and FAK charges.