Succeed in the transportation marketplace.

SMC³ customers choose our robust pricing technology, products and expert freight rating services to make their best business decisions.

  • Almost 2,000 North American freight shippers use SMC³ products and services to manage their less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL) or intermodal shipments and distribution. With SMC³ they can negotiate freight shipping rates, conduct strategic carrier bids, select the best carriers for individual shipping lanes, compare multiple carriers' shipping rates and easily classify LTL shipments.

  • Over a hundred North American LTL, TL, and parcel carriers rely on our expert technology processes and rating services to compete in today's lean supply chain and form win-win transportation partnerships with logistics service providers (LSPs), retailers, manufacturers and other shippers with attractive annual freight spends.

  • LSPs use SMC³ transportation pricing and technology solutions to negotiate transportation savings for large clients or groups of smaller clients, streamline the strategic carrier bid process, compare and manage shipping rates from multiple carriers, and batch rate freight bills for easy billing and freight payment.

  • Logistics and supply chain technology providers—from small-to-medium-sized businesses with various business technology solutions to large organizations with enterprise systems—use SMC³ technology and content to support their businesses.

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