Secure your best business.

North American carriers choose SMC³ products, services and membership benefits to make their best business decisions, manage their operational costs, and cement win-win business relationships with shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs).

  • Membership Programs: SMC³ educational and networking events, news and content keep you on top of breaking and long-term trends, along with special membership perks and pricing.

  • SMC³ BatchMark XL: Delivered via Web services, BatchMark XL processes up to 100,000 records at a time, for exceptionally rapid less-than-truckload (LTL) freight bill batch rating or re-rating.

  • SMC³ CarrierConnect: Whether you're a niche carrier or cover North America, CarrierConnect is the best way to showcase your operational capabilities.

  • Rating by Mode: SMC³ designs rating products that cover a full range of modal rating requirements—from LTL and truckload (TL) to intermodal/density—so you can manage your supply chain wisely.

  • Data Layout Services: Whether you choose a standard lay-out or custom in-house layout, we'll work with your rates and rate-based data matrices to help you minimize your costs, simplify procedures and ensure your system accuracy.

  • Industry Benchmarking: Rely on high-value carrier benchmarking information from SMC³–like the SMC³ Quarterly Operating Results (QOR)and the SMC³ National Traffic Database (NTD)—to make your best operational and strategic decisions.

  • SMC³ PR2000: Simplify your collaborative, interline revenue carrier partnerships to enhance your revenue potential, with automated revenue distribution and streamlined accounting processes.

  • Rate Analysis: Look to SMC³ for our analytical and problem-solving expertise, pricing system customization, and restructuring or development project solutions.

  • SMC³ RateWare XL: LTL rates management doesn't need to be complex to be effective.

  • Rating Systems: Choose SMC³ webRater or SMC³ Windows Raters  to provide accurate, easy-to-access rates to your customers.