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Supply chain professionals can stay ahead of the curve through SMC³ Online Education Program. Whether you’re looking to earn a certification in LTL (CLTL) or simply bolster your knowledge with a course or two, SMC³ has the education experience you’re looking for. Take courses at your own pace with SMC³’s on-demand program including exclusive opportunities to hear from live industry experts. Whatever your preference, SMC³ Online Education provides unparalleled instruction on LTL industry concepts, trends and best-practices.

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SMC3 offers the industry's only path to less than truckload (LTL) certification (CLTL). Our convenient, self-paced, hybrid curriculum provides well-rounded instruction while fitting into your busy schedule.

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LTL Online Education Courses

LTL 201: The Fundamentals of LTL

The Fundamentals of LTL is the perfect introductory offering for anyone taking their first step to navigate the complex world of less than truckload operations. LTL201 is written for practical application to real-world LTL.

Live Seminars

Mar. 7 Building Your Career in LTL
Mar. 14 LTL - The Process and How Money is Made & Lost
Mar. 21 Key Issues Facing LTL in 2024 & Beyond
Mar. 28 Returns & the Last Mile: The Impact on LTL

LTL 202: LTL Operations from Dock to Stock

SMC³’s LTL Operations course examines the essentials of LTL from four critical areas: equipment, facilities, network, and technology.

Live Seminars

May 2 LTL Operations - Defining Functions, Roles and Cross-Dock Operations
May 9 Cross Border Trade - How to Work with Your LTL Carrier
May 16 The Path to Net Zero - Impact of Sustainability on LTL
May 23 Technology in an LTL Environment

LTL 203: LTL Freight Pricing

SMC³’s LTL Freight Pricing course examines the complexities of LTL pricing and costing models. It lays out the processes, formulas, and determining factors engaged by LTL pricing and costing professionals.

Live Seminars

Jul. 18 The Fundamentals of LTL Freight Pricing
Jul. 25 Classification & the Role of the NMFTA
Aug. 1 Reduce Invoice Surprises
Aug. 8 Weighting & Research Process - How to Navigate and Prevent Issues

LTL 204: U.S. LTL Transportation Laws and Regulations

SMC³’s US Transportation Laws and Regulations course explores regulatory origins and laws governing transportation, as well as how to construct, analyze, and negotiate a transportation contract.

Live Seminars

Sept. 12 Inside the Washington Beltway
Sept. 19 Automation and Automonous - Regulations Impacting Implementation
Sept. 26 Contracting for the Modern Supply Chain (Part 1)
Oct. 3 Contracting for the Modern Supply Chain (Part 2) and Insurance Coverage in a Sea of Claims

LTL 205: LTL Business Analytics

The LTL Business Analytics course delivers the critical insight for logistics and supply chain professionals turning in greater numbers to analytics solutions to extract meaning from big data. The course covers the basics of differentiating data, benchmarking and understanding different strategic sourcing business models. The final portion discusses the bid process.

Live Seminars

Nov. 7 Developing a Story with data to optimize LTL decision-making
Nov. 14 Best practices to Simplify the LTL RFP process
Nov. 21 Developing Symbiotic Carrier-Customer Relationships
Dec. 5 Tools of the Data Scientist - How to Decide Which To Use

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    Am I right for the CLTL?

    Shippers, carriers, 3PLs, freight forwarders and students looking to advance their LTL knowledge are all ideal for the CLTL.

  • 2

    Who is the certifying body?

    SMC³, a leader in logistics intelligence solutions for more than 85 years, is the certifying body.

  • 3

    When can I take the test?

    All LTL Online Education courses, including the CLTL exam, are available on-demand, online, all year long.

  • 4

    I’m not a member of SMC³. Can I still take the exam?

    Yes! All members and non-members are eligible for the CLTL exam. SMC³ carrier and associate members receive discounted pricing.

  • 5

    I haven’t taken any LTL online education courses. Can I still take the exam?

    There are no prerequisites to take the CLTL exam. But, we do recommend taking the LTL online courses, since they provide invaluable knowledge.

  • 6

    Can I promote my LTL certification online and in-person?

    Yes! Passing candidates are granted the designation of Certified in LTL (CLTL). The CLTL designation may be used just as similar recognitions are employed.

  • 7

    How long is the exam?

    You have up to two hours to complete the exam, comprised of multiple-choice questions. A passing grade is 70% or above.

  • 8

    What if I don’t pass the exam?

    If you do not pass on your first attempt, you can retake the CLTL exam again at no charge, at least 24 hours after your first attempt. If you do not pass a second time, you can take the exam again at 25% off the applicable price. Contact CLTL@smc3.com for more details.

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Exclusive Live Seminars Featuring Experts From

TJ O’Connor



Keith Prather

Managing Director

Armada Corporate Intelligence

Charlie Prickett

Chief Operating Officer

AAA Cooper Transportation

Cathy Roberson

Research Manager

Reverse Logistics Association

Ellen Voie

President and CEO

Women in Trucking

Bonnie Voldeng

Vice President

FedEx Freight


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