Bid$ense® Facilitates RFP Process with Carriers

Carriers create good will through a better bidding experience

When a buyer of less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services prepares and administers a standard RFP, you want a seat at the table. Bid$ense® simplifies the process by automating, facilitating and managing the collaborative bid process between LTL shippers and carriers. With the power of SMC³’s web-based solution, you can:

  • Participate in Shipper and LSP RFP process for LTL freight
  • Receive the LTL detail necessary to optimize pricing, minimize risk and be viewed fairly
  • Use a standardized LTL tool for bid analytics
  • Reply with appropriate granularity in the bid response

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Take the first step toward a better bidding process with SMC³’s Bid$ense® Demo.

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“We’ve found that Bid$ense® makes the process as painless as possible for all the parties involved in the bid. It’s obvious that Bid$ense® was written by transportation people for transportation people.”Richard Ellis, Director of National Accounts Pricing

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