BidSense® Streamlines LTL Bidding

Improve LTL bidding efficiency with LTL bid tool from SMC³

The complexity of LTL rates makes formal LTL bids hard to conduct and even harder to analyze. BidSense® from SMC³ simplifies the process by automating, facilitating and managing LTL bidding between carriers and shippers/LSPs.

With SMC³’s web-based LTL bid tool BidSense®, streamline the carrier invitation process and integrate seamlessly with CzarLite® to ensure a common rating structure in LTL bidding evaluations. Leverage SMC³’s lifetime of LTL purchasing knowledge to incorporate pricing, claims ratios, on-time performance and transit times into your LTL bidding analysis, with the flexibility to score on the qualifications that matter most to you.

Simplify LTL bidding with SMC³’s premier
LTL bid tool BidSense®:

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“We use BidSense® to manage the entire bid process. While assessing the bid opportunity and creating the RFP, BidSense® saves us time by standardizing the information each carrier receives about shipper requirements.”Mick Noce, Vice President, Engineered Solutions