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SMC³ Releases Canadian LTL Rating Solution, Updates CzarLite Rates

ATLANTA – SMC³ will soon unveil a new tool in its CzarLite family of products that provides shippers, 3PLs and other industry stakeholders an unrivaled base rate for shipments traveling within Canada.

With the addition of CzarLite IntraCanada on October 22, SMC³ will commence providing LTL base rates for the entirety of North America, helping customers optimize the carrier-selection process through carrier price negotiations based off a neutral rating reference.

To build the new rating system, SMC³’s data scientists added intelligence to information previously provided by the Freight Carriers Association of Canada. The optimized rating solution will be a valuable tool for shippers and 3PLs looking to manage their intra-Canadian supply chain needs. Customers can now receive CzarLite data for intra-country moves within Canada and Mexico, as well as cross-border shipments.

“Adding the new solution to SMC³’s array of best-in-class LTL products allows customers that ship intra-Canadian freight to benefit from the reliable, industry-standard baseline rates that make up the CzarLite family of products,” said Brian Thompson, chief commercial officer of SMC³. “Customers look to SMC³ for unrivaled rating intelligence, and we will continue to earn their trust by providing technology products that help propel the supply chain forward.”

SMC³ also will update the data for CzarLite XL and MexicoLite Intra on October 22. The company will update the data for CzarLite on September 24. The overall impact to CzarLite rates will be a 5.9-percent increase within the continental U.S., a 6.5-percent increase for shipments between the U.S. and Canada, and a 6-percent increase for shipments moving between the U.S. and Mexico. IntraCanada rates will rise by 6.5 percent, with the market adjustment for MexicoLite resulting in a 6-percent increase.

SMC³ annually updates its CzarLite family of products – the industry’s premier LTL base rate solutions. Updating CzarLite involves computations that reflect U.S. motor carriers’ operating expenses – costs that include geographic labor variations; speed, weight and restricted road limits; chronic head-haul imbalances; and other factors.

The foundation of SMC³’s base rates is CzarLite XL, the industry’s most advanced rating baseline. CzarLite XL incorporates modern market freight flow patterns and high-cost areas, reflecting the present-day economic and geographic complexities of North American’s many regions. The backbone of CzarLite XL is an innovative market model created by SMC³ data scientists that resulted from analysis of 116.8 million freight bills from 33 of the largest LTL carriers, a data set unique to SMC³.

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