RateWare® XL Supports TMS Functionality

Technology providers simplify LTL shipment pricing and transportation analysis

With more than 4,000 LTL tariffs in play at any one time, managing the complexity of multiple carrier price lists and service information can be an LTL nightmare. RateWare® XL supports TMS functionality – planning, optimization, execution – by enabling customers to manage and optimize LTL and small-package rating complexity and logic.

Utilizing SMC³’s pricing science, backed by a lifetime of LTL knowledge, RateWare® XL:

  • Provides a single integration point to allow access to thousands of tariffs for management of individual shipper or LSP LTL rating needs
  • Allows fast and accurate calculation of LTL rates from one base rate or multiple tariffs (more than 4,000 to select from) for use in the transportation management system
  • Supports both traditional class-based and density-based shipment pricing, increasingly important for global shipping
  • Returns pricing information for UPS and FedEx small-package shipments

When combined with CarrierConnect® XL, RateWare® XL integrates carrier-specific rates with points of service and transit times to provide a holistic view of LTL pricing, transit times and carrier services.

“SMC³ tools provide valuable supply chain data and visibility to our customers.”Bernd Mosbrucker, VP Global SCM Innovation

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