RateWare® XL Simplifies LTL Rating for LSPs

LSPs prefer RateWare® XL

With more than 4,000 LTL tariffs in play at any given time, managing the complexity of multiple carrier price lists and service information can be an LSP’s worst nightmare. RateWare® XL enables you to efficiently manage and optimize less-than-truckload and small-package rating complexity and logic. Utilizing SMC³’s pricing science, backed by a lifetime of LTL knowledge, RateWare® XL gives users the power to:

  • Manage and optimize LTL rating complexity and logic for multiple shippers
  • Support both density- and class-based pricing
  • Optimize UPS and FedEx small-package shipment pricing
  • Conduct rate and bid analyses
  • Facilitate route planning and optimization
  • Accurately invoice your customers
  • Integrate with ease into enterprise-wide business and supply chain applications

When combined with CarrierConnect® XL, RateWare® XL integrates carrier-specific rates with points of service and transit times to provide a holistic view of LTL pricing, transit times and carrier services.

eShipping Uses RateWare® XL

Find out how this transportation management service provider has grown its less-than-truckload (LTL) segment by more than 50 percent of their total freight transactions and volume since 2007. Providing accurate, timely multi-modal data through their transportation management system (TMS) is a large part of their success.

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“Before RateWare® XL, getting a rate was a labor-intensive process and one of the barriers to entry to some of the markets we are now playing in. I can’t imagine trying to operate a business like ours – and work efficiently for our customers – without a product like RateWare® XL”Chad Earwood, President & CEO

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